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Forever In Time

The power of science and technology has been harnessed by mankind to capture time for eternity. Learn how this is achieved with a small piece of glass.

Net Promoter Score: Would you Recommend Us?

Fostering customer loyalty is paramount to any successful business. But how do you measure it effectively? There are plenty of tools and methods available on the market. You can choose Repurchase Ratio, Upselling Ratio, or Customer Loyalty Index. But what should you use? Try Net Promoter Scores.

Millennials are dramatically changing the B2B buying experience – are you ready for them?

Millennials grew up digital, and that has shaped a very different view of commerce than other generations. These B2B buyers are accustomed to global, self-service models presented in the B2C world and expect to find information and be able to purchase anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Your B2B Buyers are ready for eCommerce, are you?

B2B buyers expect the same customization, convenience and accessibility as B2C commerce platforms. Many B2C best practices can be used to enhance the B2B experience and guide manufacturers’ digital transformation. Here are some topics and tools, like SAP Customer Experience, to consider.

Introducing SMITH’s Guide to: Commerce for Manufacturers

Most manufacturers lack an ecommerce site, choosing instead to focus on innovation at the traditional core by improving operations with the tools of Industry 4.0.

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