Expectations of B2B organizations’ customers is ever changing, and always increasing. Meanwhile, manufacturers are looking at ways to gain customer data and increase overall direct engagement through improved customer experience and deeper relationships with their buyers.

Transformation is afoot in manufacturing, and the direction it’s headed is the marketplace model.

Manufacturers are in a position of challenge today more than ever. As a manufacturer, you’re looking to drive focus on increased revenue, expanding your product offering, and increasing first party data, all while mitigating risk within your overall channel strategy to avoid alienating distributors.

Many manufactures have concerns about their lack of experience in eCommerce, costs associated with building the technology solution needed, and massive channel conflict.

These are the challenges that SMITH works to solve.

When choosing your partner to explore and execute a more direct-to-user strategy, all of your options for partners will have an understanding of the technology options. These are table stakes in our business.

At SMITH, we’re a certified partner with both Mirakl as a marketplace software, and SAP Commerce Cloud as the base platform, as well as other commerce platforms we work with. But this isn’t the core value we bring. SMITH’s team has a deep rooted knowledge base in the Manufacturing industry, specifically around digital initiatives.

Technology is simply the enabler of your desired outcomes. The deeper customer relationships, the increased control over your brand, and the valuable data that can provide insights to grow further.

We approach our engagements on three principles that drive success.

Intimate: We border on obsession when it comes to customer experience, as one must to succeed in an era where digital natives, the Millennials, are aging into positions of senior buying authority in your customer companies. Their level of expectation is an order of magnitude higher than the previous generation, and their wallets don’t open for painful buying experiences when they know there are better options.

Intelligent: We don’t abandon legacy systems just for the sake of upgrades. We know that there must be careful consideration around existing solutions and how they work, taking care to integrate where possible, and that the expertise of your internal workforce is a core value in your organization. We treat your investment with great care around the existing intelligence and frameworks in your business.

Open: Our customers’ success is our success, and in the process of getting there, transparency is critical. We keep our client partners informed about what we’re building, why we’re building it a specific way, and are as open as possible in the process. Our openness with you is as precious as your customer data is to you. We’re committed to openness as we partner with our clients.

These pillars hold up our main focus as an agency on Business Outcomes. Without understanding where we want to go together, there's no way to build a plan around it.

You can read more about how we plan where were going together here, in Customer Experience: It Starts with Them.


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