One of the most common things our SMITH CPQ folks hear when demonstrating Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software’s capabilities to sales teams is, “That is just SO much simpler than the way we configure products and create our quotes today.”

While we could write for days about the benefits of CPQ, there’s just something about seeing SAP CPQ in action that makes it all make sense in seconds! That’s why we asked SMITH’s CPQ Technology Director, Amy Goldberg, to climb into the driver’s seat and demonstrate how a sales rep at a life sciences company would actually use CPQ to complete some of their most frequent sales activities.

In the quick demo below, Amy takes viewers through a variety of common sales tasks that CPQ streamlines, including:landing-seeing-believing

  • Browsing available product
  • Searching and filtering available product
  • Configuring a product package for a potential client
  • Adding a popular product configuration to the system as a favorite
  • Requesting pricing promotions and triggering sales quote approvals
  • Automatically generating personalized sales quote documents

The demo begins in a sample Product Configurator Catalog, which offers several different ways for a user to find the desired product, including product categories, subcategories, keyword search by product number or product description, convenient product filtering options and past favorites.

Next, Amy illustrates how to configure a product package and highlights how pre-programmed product configuration rules can help streamline the process. Watch for the intuitive error proofing that highlights the required next steps and prevents the user from moving forward until all the necessary fields have been completed.

Amy also shares the quote or shopping cart view, where you’ll see the wide range of fields available, some of which can be edited and some of which cannot. Permission to edit can be based upon user type and/or status of the quote.

Discounting is an essential aspect of relationship management for sales reps today. Amy also highlights how simple CPQ makes it to set and experiment with discount percentages for a quote and how guidelines can be set to ensure sales reps know the leeway they have for discounting on each quote.

Sales teams who are tired of spending too much of their time creating, revising, printing and sending documents will want to pay particular attention around the 5 minute, 50-second mark in the video, where Amy demonstrates the functionality of the Generate Quote function. Amy shows how to produce a multi-section document as a document or PDF, email the quote directly to the client and track it for ongoing follow-up in just a few clicks.

So, top up your coffee mug, stop reading, start watching, and in less than 10 minutes you’ll understand the benefits of SAP CPQ on an entirely new level!

After you watch SMITH’s CPQ demo, contact SMITH for a complimentary consult or to learn more about how CPQ could change your team’s sales game for the better.


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